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Recipe: Honey Sriracha Vinaigrette

May 25, 2017

When the warm weather rolls around I'm all for a good salad. Heck, if the produce is good I'm for a good salad-- and here in California, that's most of the year.  Because of this, I have tried my hand at making a few marinades and dressings -- they're easy, typically can sit in a mason jar in your fridge for ~week, and you can customize them so they taste perfectly for your taste buds. What could be better?


Like most Californians, I love Mexican food, and spice-- which means I also enjoy my share of Sriracha. So, a little while back I grabbed my blender, perused a few recipes for inspiration and then came up with my own rendition of a Honey Sriracha Vinaigrette. This is light enough that you could use it as a dressing, or if you're feeling wild, throw it on some chicken and use it as a marinade on the BBQ. Yum!  You can easily crank up (or down) the spice by adding more or less Sriracha. And, if you're feeling particularly crazy, throw a squirt of lime (~2 tbsp) in for another variation on it. Tons of possibilities!


Pro tip: if you're making for a bunch of folks / larger quantities, I recommend using a blender. But, if you don't have one, don't want to get it dirty, or are just making a small batch, you can also throw all the ingredients in a mason jar with a lid, and give it a good shake to mix things up. Easy!



4 TBSP apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar if you want -- apple cider gives it a nice flavor)
1/3 CUP extra virgin olive oil (you can add more or less of this depending on how thin / thick you want it)
4 TBSP honey

1/2 TBSP sugar (granulated works, you can also substitute in agave)

1  garlic clove smashed and minced
1 -2 TSP Sriracha chili sauce, plus extra to taste

1-2 TSP soy sauce (to taste)
1/4 TSP salt

light grinding of pepper (~ 1/4 TSP )



  1. Place vinegar, honey, Sriracha, soy sauce, garlic, salt, sugar and black pepper (read: all ingredients!) into your mason jar or blender

  2. Secure lid and either blend, blend, blend -- or, shake, shake, shake! 

  3. Enjoy :)


BONUS -- How I eat it

Typically, I like to prepare a crispy chicken spinach salad with this -- the breading of the chicken grabs some of the dressing flavor and adds sweetness to the overall salad. Mix with spinach or mixed greens, bell pepper, and tomatoes and you have a quick and tasty summer dinner!


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