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WFH = Work, Life, Balance (board)

May 24, 2017

I'm lucky enough to work for a large company that makes it pretty easy for folks to get what they need to succeed and be healthy. (Typically, the biggest barrier to entry is the employee themselves


-- after more than 6 years here, I still feel self-conscious and worried about taking vacation, being sick, not being available 24/7, etc. -- even though it's part of my benefits package and I have TOTALLY earned it).


When I recently injured my neck (to the severity of needing pretty crazy surgery), I found myself lucky to have a company that supported creating a productive work environment at home in addition to one at the office. In my house I have an office (also known as the "cat room" because, well, it is) that previously housed a chic little glass and white-wood desk. It was functional but not super practical for someone with an injury, and didn't do the job if I was going to, well, do the job from home more often. (The desk was / is more attractive than it is functional -- it holds a lamp, a fat cat, and some paperwork comfortably).


However, at the office, I have a fancy standing desk -- a motorized piece of work that greatly contributes to my productivity levels. But with an injury and needing to work from home more (or completely), I didn't have that luxury. 


So, I bought a standing desk (this one), had my mom come and help rearrange my existing desk and chair, and requested a monitor from work to be used at home. Combine with a few other luxuries (monitor stand, laptop stand), fluidstance board (I have one at work and home) and anti-fatigue mat and my WFH office was looking pretty sweet. Even the cats approved.


For many this seems like a stupid thing -- getting your office all set up -- but what I discovered was that the hours I was coming home after leaving work (and working more) were really wearing on me-- because I wasn't set up the same as I was at the office. Sitting crouched over on the couch with my laptop made me uncomfortable and, subsequently, less productive. Making a few changes to my office made me the opposite-- I was suddenly more comfortable and way more productive. Which meant the work I had to do after hours at home went by quickly -- a total added bonus. 


Being able to step away whilst home (and walk out into my yard, play with my dog or my cats) also helps with peace of mind and holistic healing. Which is clearly something that someone smarter than I had in mind when adding those benefits in to my hiring package. They get more bang for their buck, and I get a bit more peace and clarity when pursuing my daily endeavors. 


Have you made any changes to your workspace that really made a difference? I'd love to know!

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