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DIY: Garden Trellis

May 10, 2017

Looking to tame a few unruly vines or shrubs in your yard but absolutely hate the options available at your local garden store? Then follow along, because I've got a quick guide on how to build a trellis that looks great and is a cinch to build!


Over the past few years, I've built no fewer than five of these trellises, in various sizes to help wrangle everything from climbing roses to lilacs to potato vines. Four out of five (...dentists agree? Sorry, couldn't help it!) are mounted directly to my rickety old fence, adding additional character to my garden. The fifth is a bit more involved and is mounted to two 4 x 4 posts that I sunk into the ground. 


What I love about this trellis though is the fact that it works at scale without sacrificing design; you need a big trellis? Build it bigger. Need a small one? No problemo.


For the sake of this DIY I'll walk you through building a fence (or wall) mounted trellis. 





  1. Measure the space you'd like your trellis to live -- the one I'm building is  4ft x 8ft

  2. Cut your lumber. Because the lath comes in 96" pieces (that's 8 feet!) I need 6 pieces to complete each trellis. Because the wire is 4ft tall, if you place the side boards on the outside of the top / bottom boards you'll only need to make one cut using the miter saw! Easy!

  3. Lay out the boards on a flat surface like a frame, using the flat corner braces to hold it all together. Ensure that you use the triangle to keep things square

  4. Once you have the first frame built, roll out the wire on top, so that it doesn't extend outside the edge of the frame. Use the wire / tin snips to cut off the wire to the correct size (will be just beyond 8 feet)



  5. Use the hand clamps to hold the wire in place

  6. Using your drill, use the lath screws to attach the wire to the frame

  7. Continue this all around the frame, until the wire is secure


  8. OPTIONAL: For a more secure trellis, repeat steps 2-3 above, placing the second frame atop the one you just built, joining the two together with deck screws

  9. When you're ready to mount, simply hang the trellis to the wall (I use deck screws and drilled straight into my fence posts)

  10. Train your plant and watch it flourish! 







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