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May 24, 2017

I'm a bit of a sucker for organization tools. Show me a bin for bits and bobs and I'll show you a happy gal. So when I recently remodeled my kitchen, you can only begin to imagine my delight at the thought of organizing my new pantry (I know, right?!) and, filling it with only the most essential containers for pieces and pasta and, well, pieces of pasta. 


Atop my list of favorite things are the OXO Pop Containers. (To be honest, I love almost everything from OXO) -- these suckers not only keep things fresh (win!) but they also stack beautifully in a cupboard. 




So, I've gone overboard and put pretty much everything in them. Sugar? Yep. Flour? Yep (all six kinds that I keep!). Rice? Yep. Hot Tamales? Yep (I have a weakness for Hot Tamales and pretty much always have some on hand). 


Are you equally obsessed about organization? What are some of your favorite products? 

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