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DIY: Terrarium for Succulents

March 21, 2017

For years, I had what some would consider, a "brown thumb." Every plant I touched died, and I ended up with a barren wasteland of pots and twigs-- surefire signs that I didn't know what I was doing. (HINT: It's called watering regularly)


After moving out of my old house and into my new one, my brown thumb started to turn a bit more green, thanks to my new best friend: automatic sprinklers. 


With this budding skill, I began to venture into not only growing plants myself, but also giving them as gifts. 


Pro tip: when you're not sure how "garden friendly" a pal of yours may be, stick with succulents and air plants. They'll thank you later. 


If you're looking to pull together your own quick gift (great for a birthday, housewarming, and thank-you's!) take a gander at the tutorial below. 



  • A vase or container (I used one I picked up at TJ Maxx / HomeGoods for a few bucks)

  • Decorative pebbles -- pick these up at Home Depot, Michael's or even Target (based on season)

  • Plants (if you're using succulents, you'll need a bit of soil too; if you're using air plants like I am, you'll just need the plant(s)! I recommend ~3 plants if your vase has the same surface area as your hand)

  • Scissors to trim off any excess / rogue leaves

  • OPTIONAL: spray fertilizer or mister



  • Rinse out your vase and clean it up-- you don't want any goobers hanging out inside under the rocks that will forever haunt your creation

  • For air plants, fill the base of your vase with enough pebbles that if you stuck your finger in it, it would cover up to your second knuckle (~1 inch)

  • For succulents, add enough gravel or stones to coat the bottom of the vase, and then top with a full finger or more of soil (~3 inches)

  • Place your plants, trimming off any wilted or damaged leaves

  • For succulents, add a small sprinkling of pebbles atop the soil 

  • Mist with water and / or fertilizer

  • Add a bow, and gift away!



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